Help & FAQ's

Q.      What materials are used to produce your Slatwall panels?

We only source and purchase the best Slatwall material ensuring it meets all European recommended standards and is fully tested by SGS who are a world recognised inspection and testing body with many offices and laboratories throughout China.


Q.      What types of Slatwall panels do you have?

Melamine Slatwall - Melamine Slatwall is a coated paper product over MDF board to provide a solid colour or a wood grain appearance. Our paper is a minimum of 100 gram and for all Slatwall products is single sided with a balancer to the rear. We also provide double sided melamine for non slatted panels. We have seventeen standard melamine colours and woodgrains in our range for you to choose from and we can match most samples provided to us.
High Pressure Laminate Slatwall - High pressure laminate, also known as HPL is also available, but is subject to order and not available ex-stock.
Paint Grade Slatwall - Paint Grade Slatwall is also available and is subject to order and not available ex-stock.


Q.      What are the Slatwall panel dimensions?

We have three standard Slatwall panel sizes: 1200mm x 1200mm (Square), which are provided two panels per carton for easy handling and re-distribution. We also offer 2400mm x 1200mm (Portrait) and 1200mm x 2400mm (Landscape). We can provide cut to size panels, which are subject to order and not available ex-stock. All standard panels are 18mm thick, but other thicknesses can be purchased if so required.


Q.      What Slatwall groove spacing options do you have available?

Our standard Slatwall groove spacing is 100mm centre to centre, other options are available on request, but are subject to order and not available ex-stock.


Q.     What is the thickness of your Slatwall panels?

Our standard Slatwall panels are 18mm thick other thicknesses are available on request.


Q.      How much do the Slatwall panels weigh?

Square panels:      16.8 Kg
Portrait panels:      33.9 Kg
Landscape panels:      33.6 Kg
Non-slotted plain panels:      39.0 Kg


Q.      Why should I add aluminium metal inserts to my Slatwall?

Adding aluminium inserts to your Slatwall panels increases the support ability of accessories by 75% as compared to Slatwall without aluminium inserts. By maximizing your Slatwall accessory support ability, enables you to hang heavier items off your Slatwall. All aluminium inserts are supplied in a Mill Finish as standard, but can also be supplied in any RAL colour or woodgrain effect. Colours and woodgrains are available on request.


Q.      Why should I add PVC Inserts to my Slatwall?

Adding PVC inserts to your Slatwall enhances the appearance of your Slatwall by adding colour to your Slatwall grooves. We have a range of nine standard colours to choose from and other colours are available on request.


Q.      Why should I add Corner Trim or panel join trim to my Slatwall?

Corner Trim and/or panel join trim help to add colour to your Slatwall panels by covering up the unfinished wood look of the panels. The trims do not add any support to your Slatwall panel, but they can increase the visual appeal to your merchandising area. We can supply with front and back PVC trims in any of the standard colours or alternatively with aluminium anodised fronts to both corner and panel join trim


Q.      How much weight can my Slatwall hold?

On average, a typical 200mm Slatwall hook can hold up to 29.5-31.5 Kg when used with Slatwall incorporating aluminium inserts in the grooves. Slatwall without aluminium inserts can hold 18.0 – 20.0 Kg. Generally, it is better to put the weight as close to the Slatwall panel as possible.


Q.      What Slatwall accessories do you have available?

We have a full range of Slatwall accessories available including: single point display hooks, shelf brackets, waterfall display hooks, Eurohook display hooks, baskets, display shelves, hanging rail bars and hanging rail brackets available in both chrome metal and acrylic. Powder coated metal accessories are available on request.


Q.      Will I be charged a packing fee for Slatwall?

For UK deliveries we ensure the panels are adequately packed for inland transport. To meet re-handling conditions of export loads we package your product appropriately for shipping, and for this there is an increased charge of £20.00 per 30 panels or part thereof loaded to a pallet.


Q.      How are my transport/shipping charges for Slatwall determined?

We only provide delivery for UK purchases and this will be charged at the carriers cost. We try to ensure we receive the most competitive rates for our customers. We can provide nationwide distribution in England & Wales based on 48 hour delivery (Scotland and Ireland available upon application).
For all export sales, we sell strictly ex-works and collection and delivery is to be arranged by the purchaser.


Q.      When can I expect my shipment to arrive?

Standard Slatwall product orders can be packed for shipment on the day of order, for all orders received prior to 11am. Orders received after 11am will not be packed for shipment until the following day.


We use as standard; a 3 day haulage service for any mainland Great Britain deliveries up to Glasgow. For deliveries north of Glasgow, prices are offered ‘case by case’. Sales orders outside of mainland Great Britain are only sold ex-works, unless the order is being delivered direct ex-factory China.  


Customer specialised orders will be ordered from the factory in China and can be made available for shipment within 3 weeks of order. There is a 30 day shipping time and a 5-7 day clearance prior to the goods being delivered to the nominated address. This lead time can vary from country to country outside of mainland Great Britain.


Q.      Can I return my Slatwall order if I am not satisfied with what I received?

We do not accept returns for Slatwall panels generally. However, we will accept some claims, providing we are supplied with photographic evidence. Please note claims can only be made, subject to a defect in material or workmanship. We do not accept any claims for transportation damage, unless the delivery note of the transporter has been signed noting the damage. Reimbursement under these conditions is limited to the conditions of the transporter used.


Direct delivery Slatwall panels are manufactured to customer specification when ordered ex-factory China and cannot be resold. If you refuse your order, you will be billed for the payment of the original order and a 25% re-handling charge. When any item is returned to our facility, you will be responsible for all transport costs incurred in returned goods.


Q.      Who is responsible for unloading Slatwall panels?

Ordinarily deliveries will be made on curtain sided vehicles and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure adequate unloading facilities.


Q.      What are the other names used for Slatwall?

There are many different names that are used to describe Slatwall such as: slotwall, slot wall, slot wall panel, Slatwall panels, slat board, Slatboard, Slatwall board, slat wall, slotboard, slatted panel, slot board.


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